Primavera Gateway Boot Camp – Paris

Exclusive Live Event

Integration Faces Inc. in partnership with the Oracle Partner Enablement team is very excited to inform you of our upcoming Primavera Gateway Boot Camp

Event Date: April 1 – April 3 2015

Location: Portes de La Défense 15, Boulevard Charles de Gaulle Colombes, 92715 FR

What we will cover:

This course, which will consist of hands-on practices, instructor-led demonstrations, and theory, will cover the installation and configuration of Primavera Gateway Release 14.2. 

Also included will be lessons that will allow the course participants to:

  • Describe the Architecture and main components of Oracle Primavera Gateway Release 14.2
  • Identify what’s new in Primavera Gateway 14.2
  • Customize Oracle Primavera Gateway Integrations
  • Understand the steps required to create a third-party provider

After completing this course, the participants should be able to:

  • Install and Configure Oracle Primavera Gateway R14.2
  • Demonstrate the Oracle Primavera Gateway R14.2 features and capabilities
  • Implement Oracle Primavera Gateway R14.2
  • Design and Implement Primavera Gateway Business Flows
  • Administer and Monitor Primavera Gateway
  • Customize an Oracle Primavera Gateway Provider
  • Understand the process, principles and skills required for gathering requirements, scoping and developing Oracle Primavera Gateway Providers.

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