Primavera Gateway 1.1 is Released

Primavera Gateway

Integration Faces Inc. is happy to announce that Primavera Gateway 1.1 is now available for download on Oracle  Software Delivery Cloud. This release includes a number of new features;

  • Additional Data
    • Primavera Prime Provider 14.1
    • Instantis EnterpriseTrack 8.7
    • Global Calendars
    • Cost Accounts
  • Supported Systems
    • Oracle Database 12c
    • WebLogic Server 12c
  • Usability Enhancements
    • Filtering capabilities
    • E-mail Notification
    • New UI consistent with Primavera Prime
    • Enhanced Installation
  • Advanced Features
    • Export Global Data from P6
    • Multiple Providers
    • Export P6 Global Data

As a Primavera Gateway Sales Enablement delivery partner, we at Integration Faces Inc. are very excited about this new product and look forward to highlighting the key features of this new release right here on our blogs.

What is Primavera Gateway

Primavera Gateway is an application that facilitates sharing project, resource, and other data between your enterprise application and Primavera applications, enabling you to combine Oracle Primavera’s management and scheduling power for projects, portfolios, and resources with other enterprise software.

Prebuilt VM’s

Look out for a prebuilt Oracle VirtualBox appliance that you can download, install and experience Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM R8.3.2, Primavera Prime 14.1 and Primavera Gateway 1.1.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Thanks in Advance

    I have met you in 2013 at Bangalore for primavera gateway training.

    Could you please help me in order to provide the link for calling primavera web services through BPEL which were there in your website blog.


    Comment by Lakshay on August 20, 2015 at 12:20 pm

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