Oracle Primavera Gateway Release 1.1 Installation on Oracle Linux 5


This blog post presents a graphical installation guide for performing the installation of the recently release Oracle Primavera Gateway Release 1.1 on Oracle Linux 5.

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Installation Prerequisites

This blog assumes you have met the  following installation prerequisites;

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle WebLogic
  • Primavera Application Databases
    • P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (P6 EPPM)
    • Oracle Primavera Prime
    • Oracle Instantis Enterprise Track
  • P6 Adapter
    • Required to Integrate Primavera Gateway and P6 EPPM
  • Java JDK


You can download the Primavera Gateway Release 1.1 from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Installation Steps

Before executing the install wizard, execute the following scripts against the target database

  • Connect as sysdba to execute the script
  • Script is located in /Primavera Gateway Installer/script
  • Script name is manual_script_before_install.sql

Give execute permissions to run the installer using syntax

    • chmod a+x runInstaller
    • chmod a+x unzip

Execute the installer  ./ as the oracle application installer user e.g. oracle to start the installation wizard.


Click the “Next” button on the welcome screen.


Enter the Primavera Gateway Home e.g. /u01/app/PrimaveraGateway and click the “Next” button.


Accept the “Install New Database” option and click the “Next” button.


Enter your Database Connection Details and click “Test Connection“.

If Connection is successful click the “Next” button or correct the connection error.


Accept the Install and Configure Primavera Gateway Installation Type and click the “Next” button


Browse or enter the Oracle Middleware Home (/u01/app/wls1036),  the WebLogic Server Directory is auto-selected. Click the “Next” button to continue.


Enter New Domain Details and click the “Next” button to continue.


Enter Primavera Gateway Administrator details and click the “Next” button.


Browse to a supported java home directory and click the “Next” button.


Accept the Primavera’s Sample Provider in the Select Third-Party Providers screen, click the “Next” button to continue.


Select your preferred version of help (Online vs Local) and click the “Next” button.


Review Installation Summary and click the “Install” button to install.




Click the “Next” button to finish the configuration.


Click the “Finish” button to complete the installation.


Starting and Stopping Primavera Gateway

Starting the Primavera Gateway Domain

You must use the “<PrimaveraGateway_Home>\WLST\startGatewayWLDomain” scripts to start the Primavera Gateway domain

You may need to set permissions on the scripts;

  • chmod a+x
  • chmod a+x

Start the installed Primavera Gateway domain as follows;

  • Enter cd <Primavera Gateway_Home>/WLST
  • Execute ./
  • Primavera Gateway domain is started when you see the “The Server started in RUNNING mode” message in the console.




Stopping the Primavera Gateway Domain

Stop the installed Primavera Gateway domain as follows;

  • Enter cd <Primavera Gateway_Home>/WLST
  • Execute ./

Post Installation

Once the Primavera Gateway domain is started you can access the application console by using http://<hostname>:<port number>/pdi.

Log in using the username and password provided above.






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